Benefits of Cotton Clothes

Raising a child is no easy task. From newborn babies to teenagers, all children have their needs. And of course, those need differentiate and become more complex with age. However, one of the needs stays the same throughout their childhood, and even further into adulthood. We're talking about clothing. Whether you live near the tropics or far up north, your children's clothes will always been important aspect of their material life.

A child's skin undergoes several changes before it reaches maturity. One of those changes is related to its thickness. The younger the child, the thinner and more porous the skin. This is especially important for health. Thinner skin is less resistant to environmental asperities and bacteria. Furthermore, a baby's skin produces a much less efficient type of sweat, meaning that their body temperature regulates differently from adults. Adequate clothing is of utmost importance throughout childhood. And by clothing I'm not referring to buying famous brands instead of local ones. I'm talking about buying clothes that are made from the best material. Cotton.

Cotton is the most commonly used natural fiber around the world. For a good reason, too. Cotton provides more benefits than any other natural or synthetic fiber. Some of these benefits include an increased durability, improved insulation, higher comfort, sky-high hypoallergenicity, and the fact that cotton fibers are weatherproof.

Durability and low maintenance

Natural cotton fibers are more durable and elastic than artificial fibers. Cotton clothing will withstand more wash cycles than clothes made from artificial fibers or a combination of artificial fibers and cotton. Furthermore, due to it's higher fiber strength, it's less likely to tear due to intense conditions. And all parents know that their children can pretty much destroy any piece of clothing.

Comfort and skin breathing

Probably the most sought-for cotton clothes are underwear and pajamas. Cotton fibers provide a much higher air circulation, which helps absorb potential sweat from the skin. This will reduce the risk of fungal infections and skin irritation.

Weatherproof and good insulation

Cotton clothes are perfect all year long. That's because the insulating properties of cotton fibers protect the skin against both hot and cold temperatures. Of course, a T-shirt won't keep your child warm during winters, but it will definitely keep him cooler during summer days. Different fiber finishes help create clothing that is resistant to more weather conditions than before.


Yet another important health related aspect of cotton clothing is the fact that a very small number of people have ever developed allergies to cotton fibers. A lot of medical consumables, such as gauzes and bandages are made from cotton fibers. Surely if cotton is good enough to be used in hospitals, it's also good enough to cover your child throughout the year.

Now that you know the benefits of cotton clothing, it's time to go shopping. A lot of well-established clothing brands sell children's clothes. However, not all of their clothes are made from 100% cotton. Some may contain polyester, fleece, nylon, and other types of artificial fibers. These combinations will decrease the overall quality of the clothes. We, at, only sell clothes made from 100% cotton. Your satisfaction and your child's happiness are guaranteed.