Summer is here and the excitement is all over. This is the best time for your little ones to have fun, create new memories and enjoy the warm weather. However the season brings with it inevitable hazards thus parents should keep their children safe from the heat by dressing them appropriately for the weather with some sense of style and comfort.  During summer time activities takes place mostly in the outdoor and your kid’s skin is exposed more than any other time of the year. As a parent don’t let the fun distract you and forget to take care of your little one’s sensitive skin.

Some of the common skin problems which affect your little one during this season includes:

Heat rash-it is  a very uncomfortable condition for your young one, whereby red or pink rashes are formed on the skin. The main cause of this condition is inappropriately dressing your young one either with too warm clothes leading to skin suffocation.

Sunburns-during this time your kid is highly exposed to sunburns which  can increase  his/her chance to skin cancer later in life. This condition can be handled by applying sunscreen every time your child goes out to play, also you should pay close attention to ears, nose, and lips and also tops of feet.

Skin inflammation and infections- it is mainly caused by bacteria. It begins with a small area of inflammation and redness which later develop into an illness causing fever, swollen glands and chills. Uncomfortable clothing, scratches, cuts and animal bites are some of the major causes of this condition.

It always makes us happy to see the young ones having fun and enjoying the summer to the fullest. Therefore as a parent or guardian it is always wise to know what your kid shouldn’t wear during this season. From research some of the clothes your kid shouldn’t go out with during this summer season include:

Polyester- though it is known for its durability it is not good for your kid this summer season. Polyester is known to have zero absorption of perspiration therefore so much sweat with nowhere to go. This causes skin irritation which is not comfortable for your kid.

Rayon-though rayon fabrics are generally known and marketed to be an easy-breezy fabrics that are cool even if temperatures rises. They too repel rather than absorb sweat from the kid’s sensitive skin, therefore the sweat pools up in the wrong places causing skin burns and irritation.

Cotton/spandex- though cotton is the best when it comes to breathability. The rule doesn’t apply when it is combined with spandex as this blend tends to be heavier thus it suffocates the skin. Suffocation of the skin is a major cause of skin rashes.

Denim- during this summer rocking your young one in a pair of denim is not advisable. Though it is known for its durability, denim fabrics are not breathable. So much sweat is trapped inside thus irritating the skin and leading to skin rash and burns.

Experts have recommended that cotton is the best for your kid during this summer season. Some of the reasons why cotton is advocated are because it is highly breathable thus helps in absorbing and removing body moisture caused by sweat. Leading to minimal fungal breeding which causes skin rashes on the skin.

Coolness- cotton is light in weight and color. The light color of cotton will help the light to pass through instead of being absorbed thus we will not feel the heat as much. Also ensure that your kid has loose clothes so that ample air will pass through during summer time.

Odorless- cotton is able to release sweat easily compared to other fibers.

Soft- cotton is soft and tender and doesn’t irritate delicate skin like other synthetic fibers.

Tough-cotton is also tough and is able to hold up against heavy washes.

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