Lina and Mickey your one stop store for all your kids wear is expanding its offerings in big ways. We are proud to announce a new line of kids clothes mainly made from cotton. With our cotton outfits it is safer and more breathable for your kid’s sensitive skin; also it has that super soft touch. Another benefit is that washing and drying has never been easy and safe with the soft 100% cotton kids wear.

Our Mission

Our main aim is to offer our client a wide spectrum of children’s clothing style that not only help your kid to embrace his/her personality but also live like their youth life will never end. With our cotton made, colorful, trendy and warm wears we strive to help dress your kid formally in clothes that go hand in hand with their personality.  Whether it is church, a party, or a special event the sense of style at Lina and Mickey is always key. Our kids’ clothes are fabricated with such a nice touch that you are always guaranteed that they will fit and rock your little ones.

Why choose us

At Lina and Mickey there is something for every kid. Our clothing range from ages as low as 0-24 months for either a baby boy or a girl and 2-10 yrs for a young boy or a girl. We also have the privilege of dressing your 11years and above kid.   Our customers have the ability to select from a wide range of products that have some good taste and local appeal. Some of the kids ‘outfits we offer include  organic cotton girls and boys t-shirts, organic cotton girls shift dresses, organic cotton hooded tops for both boys and girls  and some rocking unisex organic cotton leggings just to mention a few. Our colors are also blended to perfection thus giving you a wide variety to choose from. We also have personalized organic cotton dresses with impressive patterns and designs which will please you. The design are also printed directly on to the clothes thus no need to worry when it comes to washing and iron.

Our customers are always loyal since with our clothing they are assured of good packaging, faultless quality and some very unique designs. Try our top notch cotton brands and join our list of customers who are enjoying this life changing experience. Also let your kid dash with confidence and stand out while rocking  our comfortable quality outfits.