ABA Baby Booties Made Of Libeccio With Laces SizE:4.5 (9-12M)

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    • Made Of Libeccio With Laces.
    • Fall/winter.
    • Handmade.
    • Made in Italy.
    • Size:4.5.


Euro Size USA
Length   in cm Age *
20 4.5 5.5 12,5 cm 9-12 months

* The range age can vary according to the particular features of each baby.

Style - Manufacturing - Materials
These are the three main criteria to craft a fine baby shoe

Stile Italiano. Italian Style.
Most Prestigious Made in Italy. Every collection ABA presents a continuity with past and attractive news for futureFollowing the most prestigious Made-in-Italy style. Each ABA collection presents a continuity with the past while being dazzled by the future.Aba baby shoes for ceremonies, baptisms and weddings are clear, gracious and shiny. We select the best satin in order to create simple models or models which are enriched with refined laces and precious details. 
The classic shoes (sporty, elegant, moon-boot, sandals and ballerina shoes) are items which will never go out of style.; the materials are renewed every season and there is a great choice of colours. 
The new-style shoes mirror the fresh creativity of ABA stylists. They are variations over classic models or actual new styles and new material and accessory matching. They bring together experimentation and professionalism.ABA luxury shoes, finally, are the most valuable items as they are embellished by a complex manufacturing and by precious accessories. They represent that kind of collectable item that goes beyond an immediate need.

Lavorazione di Qualità. Quality Manufacturing.
Strictly handmade! Coupling  with materials, cutting, sewing, embroidery, padding, supports, accessories, hot printing trademark, Finish, ironing, fixing, confection and packingStrictly handmade! Material binding, cutting, sewing and embroidering, padding and strengthening, accessory application, brand hot printing, finishing touches, ironing, final treatments, up to wrapping and final packaging. Each production step of fan ABA baby shoe is directly checked upon by our staff, namely the owners themselves and Ms. Rosa in particular who personally supervises the production. Every phase of the crafty manufacturing leading to ABA baby shoes is brought about with accuracy and spirit of perfection.

Scelta dei Materiali Material Selection.
Soft, genuine, elegant. During  the years, we have identified the best tanneries and textile industries for offering to our clients products more genuine, pleasant to touch and nice to watchSoft, healthy and stylish. Through the years ABAhas  picked the best tanneries and textile factories within their territory to offer their clients the healthiest materials, soft to the touch and lovely to look at. Different kinds of leather are used: shearling, nabuk, napa leather, suade, sheepskin, laminated, varnish, piggies, etc… Many of ABA models have been created using several other textile, natural and synthetic materials. For each material,be it leather or textile, and accessory they select the supplier providing them with the best product and its certificate. With every upcoming season , talented stylists led by Luigi Fiorani (the owner) research new materials and lovely accessories in order to offer their clients an ever updated and fashionable stock.

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